The Singapore Airport RULES!

It’s just about 8pm here, flight leaves at 9:20pm, I can’t get into the gate until 8:20pm… this was a bit new for me, they do all the security checks right at the gate! So you get into the departure lounge by showing your ticket, but then they don’t do the security check until you actually go to the gate. Not exactly sure why – seems like more work, but *shrug* whatever.

On the other hand, this airport is AWESOME! Great atmosphere, they have gardens, kai ponds, lots of food, free recharge LOCKERS where you can leave your phone or whatever (you get a key) and recharge it, free internet terminals, free skype terminals, Bloomberg terminals, an entertainment lounge filled with these beautiful reclining chairs and big screen TV’s with the speakers built into the chairs… I’m impressed! Every other airport needs to come here and take notes! And of course, free wifi.

So that’s where I am right now… I got here pretty early, didn’t have much else to do today – I went out, did some more city hopping around, got a 10 minute massage at Harbourfront (my back is not a happy camper after carrying around this backpack! :p), looked for a place to get a haircut and failed (my hair length is bothering me), got one more “beaver tail” and returned to the hostel. Hung out there for a bit, grabbed the MRT around 6pm, arrived at the airport around 6:45pm and… here… I am!

So this is it, goodbye Singapore, hello Japan! I’ve got an hour long flight from here back to Malaysia (y….ay), an hour long stopover there (not too bad) and then I grab a 7 hour flight from there to Tokyo! Hopefully I get to sleep a bit on the plane, I’m not usually too good at sleeping while flying but sometimes I can on overnight flights when they turn out all the lights and such. I do have some TV shows to watch and books to read, but I’d rather hold off on that for a couple of weeks if I can so they’re ready for my 16 hour stopover in China… but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been trying to learn a few Japanese words with the help of an App, and… well I don’t think it’s going well. But I can say “hello”.

With that, I’m off! 15 mins until the gate opens, so have a good day night whatever, and I will talk to you… when I talk to you. 😉