Last day in Singapore…

Good evening! It’s almost 10pm here, and unfortunately my last night in Singapore is spent in my hostel… it started pouring so wandering the city isn’t too much fun right now, but I also had a busy day, and need to prepare for Japan, so I’m not too disappointed.

I was weighing going to Universal Studios here, but upon further investigation it seems to be a very watered down version, not highly recommended by the locals, so I decided to skip that. I did some city wandering today and after going for a nice walk around and visiting a couple of places that I like, I decided to do the HSBC TreeTop Walk that I wanted to do on Monday (only to discover it was closed Monday’s!). This required a bit of a hike…

So I jumped on the MRT, went across the city on the underground and wound up at the Marymount station… from there it was about a 20 minute walk to the MacRitchie Reservoir Park (2km), a 5km walk from the park, about 1km to walk the bridge (very cool suspension bridge) and the surrounding path, and then another 5km back, and 2km more to the MRT! So by the end, I’d had a 3 hour hike of about 14km. Shirt totally soaked. Me tired. Hot. And the skies getting ready to POUR! Luckily I made it to the MRT before that happened, though I was extremely disappointed that the 7-11 nearby did not have a Coke Slushie, which is what I was promising myself the entire time lol. So that was disappointing.

Oh! Cool thing! I saw a BUNCH of monkeys along the hike!!! They were so cute! Apparently they can attack, so you’re not supposed to look them in the eye or bare your teeth (they take this as an aggressive move…), so I had to take pictures somewhat carefully lol, but they were really adorable looking.

After that I collapsed into a subway seat and rode down to the Harbourfront Centre, got myself a burger and fries from a really great spot there, and hightailed it back to the hostel. The hike was great, I really did enjoy it (and deserved that burger after!), and I feel with that, I’ve ticked off pretty much everything I wanted to do in Singapore. It’s been really nice to be here for a full 5 days – typical tourist visits seem to be about 3, so with 5 I can take things at my own pace and really get stuff done as I please. Overall, I’m really happy I stopped here, and do love the city quite a bit. I’d love to come back someday.

So that’s pretty much the end of Singapore… tomorrow I still have almost a full day, the flight doesn’t leave until 9:30pm. On a geeky note Air Malaysia let me save the ticket into my Passbook in my iPhone, so that’a awesome 😀 I’ll probably wander around the city a little more tomorrow and then head to the airport nice and early. It’s a bit of a long flight, I won’t get into Tokyo until 7:30am if I recall correctly, but since it’s an overnight flight (and only one stop over for not too long) hopefully I’ll be able to get a bit of sleep.

I am a little nervous about Japan – everywhere I’ve been so far has been pretty “english” friendly, easy to get a SIM card for internet, etc. whereas Japan seems like it won’t be quite as easy… but I’m meeting up with a couple of friends from iRYLA, so hopefully it won’t be too scary lol. Regardless I’m pretty excited for it – it’s not the cheapest part of my journey, to be sure, but I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and pretty interesting to see. I’m planning on going to Tokyo and Kyoto.

So that’s it! Oh I’m looking for books to read and TV shows to watch if you happen to have any suggestions, please leave it in the Comments! I’ve got a 16 hour stopover going to Melbourne from Seoul, and I’m not allowed to leave the airport – and apparently the airport isn’t that great. Soooo I need something to do, and I’m doing a little pre-planning!

Not sure when I’ll blog next, maybe tomorrow if I’m bored in the airport… I think I have internet in the hostel, but I’m not too confident about my ability to obtain a SIM, so… we will see how this goes lol. Have a good whatever!