I found a Beavertail!

Of course, there’s lots to tell you about Singapore – I’m having a great time, love the city, at night it’s so alive and amazing, etc, etc. But first I need to say – I found a beavertail here! For those of you who don’t know, it’s a delicious pastry that is found in a bunch of different places in Canada (more about it here), and I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. UNTIL NOW! I was walking through the Vivo Mall at Harbour Front and stumbled on a place called Squirrel Bites (…odd name, but whatever) and they are the EXACT SAME! Different name, but drool… so good! So I had one, and it was wonderful, a nice reminder of home, and I’m happy for the day 😉

So yeah, there’s my first bit of blog :p

As for the rest of it – I love Singapore! Such a vibrant place, during the day it’s nice, warm and humid, rainy right now (tis the season), but lots of air conditioned areas, some giant fans in random places as you’re walking (motion activated, solar powered) as well as tons of public pools (really high quality pools and facilities), random little water parks, etc, etc. The transit system is a breeze, a little painful to get single tickets but overall not too bad (I wound up getting a pass), very easy to get around though. I haven’t really tried the busses, mostly just stuck to the underground, though the tourist pass I got does give me access to everything. There’s free wifi almost everywhere, I think it’s a city sponsored initiative. The malls are amazing. Simply put, amazing. I hate shopping and I love the malls here. So much to see and do. Mobile connectivity is quite nice, 3G even in the subway, and very cheap for pre-paid. The hostel is nice, nothing amazing, the room is a bit cramped, but again good wifi, and great location.

So generally happy. Now as far as the night goes, the city pretty much wakes up. Most malls and stores are open until midnight, the malls are packed with people, as is public transit (this is weekday and weekend), they have some beautiful things to see outdoors (check out Wonder Full at the Marina Bay Sands, amazing light, pyro, laser show), and walking around the city I feel extremely safe, and really free to go anywhere. It’s terrific.

So general assessment – love it. Singapore is great. Highly recommend. If you get a chance, come to Singapore! If you like shopping, cut up your credit cards before you arrive (seriously). Oh and the food… the food… is fantastic. So much selection, so many choices – even someone as picky as me is enjoying it thoroughly. Just… yum. SO GOOD!

I’ve got one more full day (tomorrow) and then most of the day Thursday before I fly out to Tokyo… leaving at 9:20pm, it’s an overnight flight with a stopover in Malaysia (……. I won’t say anything) and then overnight with a 7:15am arrival time. Hopefully I can get some sleep… usually I’m ok on overnight flights. Flying with Air Malaysia (no more Air Asia, thankfully), so hopefully… it’s not too bad? We will find out. I’ve already booked one hostel in Tokyo, then I’m going to head to Kyoto for a few days, return to Tokyo and fly out to Seoul.

Seoul should be interesting, but the REAL interesting flight, that I’ve just booked, is from Seoul back to Melbourne (to bug Shauna and her family over Christmas). It is about 24 hours in total, a 4 hour flight from Seoul to a random airport in China, and then a 16 hour stopover, where I am not allowed to leave the airport, followed by a 9 hour flight to Melbourne. Watch out world. So that… I’m not really looking forward to lol. But I am excited to spend the holidays with Shauna and her family – they’ve been very generous in allowing me to hang out with them there, and I think it’ll be really nice to be there over Christmas. I’m also hoping to make a stopover in Adelaide to visit with a friend from iRYLA… just working out the “how” there.

So that’s where I am right now! I was just about to finish this post at 10pm and got distracted, so now it’s about 11pm and I need to hit “submit” before I get distracted again. Bye! 🙂

OK so pictures aren’t playing nice today and I’ve lost patience. I’ll upload some to Facebook. Sorry! 🙁