Welcome to Singapore!

Hello from Singapore!

I have to say, we are off to a much better start here. I’m quickly falling in love with Singapore and I’ve only been here 12 hours or so.

We last talked in the airport, not too long ago, on the way here. The flight was fine – I don’t know how I managed to fit in the seat without cutting off a few inches from my legs, but that’s fine. It was pretty much up and down – an hour total, 15 mins up, 15 mins down, 30 mins flying high. Didn’t even get to watch a full episode of Once upon a time.

Landed in Singapore, the Customs lineup wasn’t too bad actually. Shauna kindly volunteered (sort of :p) to Google around and find me the best SIM card to get while I’m here, but unfortunately they didn’t have it at the airport. The hostel provided some really good directions on how to get there – it was all via the rail system here, which is extremely easy to navigate and use. I was very impressed. Nice and quick, on time, just… a very pleasant change.

That being said it was still a 45 minute journey with 20kg on my front and back (two backpacks) standing up, since I couldn’t exactly sit down – but it was fine, and my shoulders did eventually forgive me. Arrived in Chinatown, where my hostel is, and found it very quickly. Unfortunately the “superior” room I paid for (I didn’t know I did… but hey, cool) had a problem with the AC, so he offered to take 5% off and move me to another room (which doesn’t have a window… whatever). I haggled it up to 10% (I know, I was impressed too) and took it – bam. So that’s handy.

Nice place, the room is a bit cramped but *shrug* not really planning on spending much time there. Shower seems ok, bathroom is better than the last place, so I’m happy. The location is fantastic tho – dead centre in the middle of Chinatown, 15 steps away from the train, and about a 15 minute walk to the waterfront. I’m quite happy with it.

I took a walk down to the waterfront tonight, hoping to catch some cool light show they do, but I wound up on the wrong side, so I’ll have to go back tomorrow. Beautiful walk though, such a clean place! You get a $500 fine for eating or drinking on the train, death sentence is automatic if you bring drugs into the country, and they’re not a huge fan of you throwing gum on the street. I love it!!

After that I took a train to the Harbour Front, which is pretty close to Universal Studios (which I think I’m going to visit while I’m here), went to these two huge malls which were still open at 9pm, and PACKED! Like busier than a normal mall at home Saturday afternoon. I was surprised, a little impressed, and found so much cool stuff there! I’m going to need to keep a close eye on my credit cards while I’m here… Singapore isn’t known for shopping for nothing.

Anyway, room mate is going to bed, so I think I will too. Here’s a little list of possible stuff to do if you’re interested…


Things to do in Singapore

– Botanic Gardens, Circle Line
– HSBC TreeWalk (You can start your walk from either MacRitchie Reservoir Park (Route 3) or Venue Drive (Route 6).)
Nearest MRT station at Marymount MRT (Circle line) located 2km away from MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

– Singapore Flyer / Marina Bay? [ALSO NORTH/SOUTH LINE]
– Marina Bay Sands’ Wonder Full (Sunday night) 8pm [ALSO NORTH/SOUTH LINE]

– Universal
– Crane Dance (TONIGHT 9pm) with pyro

– Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (Hindhede Drive/Bukit Gombak MRT)
– Kranji War Memorial
– Kampong Glam (Bugis MRT Stop) nice neighborhood
– Asian Civilization Museum (Raffles Place MRT) [ALSO NORTH/SOUTH LINE]