Goooood morning world

Well world isn’t accurate. It’s not even morning here. But it’s morning at home, so that’s what I’ve been saying to everyone as I wake them up with iMessages :p Except my brother. Who does not have an iPhone. So I can’t bug him quite as easily. Which is most likely why he doesn’t have an iPhone lol.

So anyway, since the majority of my readers are likely in the same time zone as home, “good morning”! Today is Wednesday the 21st, it’s about 10:45pm here and I’m in Kuala Lumpur for another three days, heading out on the 24th. I think I’ve mentioned – I’m not terribly impressed with the place, however I’m happy with the hostel I’m at, I’m generally happy with the location that I’m in, and I’m quite happy with the exchange rate, and the ability to buy food and whatever else very cheap. I’ve decided to try to do some Christmas shopping while I’m here.

Since I’ve been here I’ve been able to catch up on work a bit, caught up on some TV shows I haven’t been watching (Scandal!!), started a new TV series (Once Upon a Time…), and have been messaging Shauna and the family back home to keep in touch. It worked out very well tonight actually, just as Shauna went to bed, Becca and Dad woke up (though Becca wasn’t a huge fan of being messaged at 6am) so I was able to seamlessly continue a conversation throughout the entire evening.

Also today – I SAW SKYFALL! And it was fantastic. I so highly recommend this film. And I would so very much love to comment on it further – but barely anyone I know has seen it. And my comments would spoil several parts of it. So I will refrain, and just kindly ask that you GO SEE SKYFALL! That way I can comment on it further. So… why are you still here?

But yeah, in other news… I stayed up late watching Once Upon a Time (it’s addictive), and then got up late this morning (sort of… I wake up pretty early then try to put myself back to sleep. It half works), and decided to get out! So I googled around, found out that a very large shopping mall is very close to me (7th largest or 12th largest depending on which website you look at), so I set off. I decided to walk there, which was nice and hot and sweaty, but exercise never hurts – or at least that is what Gavin tells me. Liar. Anyway, this exercise did not hurt, and I arrived to a spectacular mall which I was extremely impressed with.

10 very large floors full of shops, a movie theatre (Skyfall), an amusement park, and what they claim to be a “central park” in the middle of it all (it’s shops surrounded by plastic green stuff – don’t get too excited). So I spent most of the day there, chilled, ate… and speaking of… I know this should not be a big deal. And I know I’m traveling around the world, etc, etc, but if you’ll allow me just one moment of being picky – they put mayo on my chicken burger!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ate it. I thought – I haven’t tried mayo in a while… maybe it’s good? Maybe I like it? Maybe I won’t notice it? Maybe I was wrong! I do not like mayo. Also the chicken was very spicy. So… anyway. Moment over.

I had lunch, which we will not be discussing any further, saw Skyfall (^_^) and then decided to start Christmas shopping! Have I ever told you how much I hate shopping? Well… I do. And today was a perfect example. I basically spent several hours walking around the mall aimlessly, thinking of random possibly present ideas for people, while avoiding it by messaging Shauna back and forth for the majority of the time. It was a terrific exercise of avoidance, and I didn’t actually buy anything.. but I will! Tomorrow! Maybe. If I want to send anything back I’ll need to do it by Friday… so I can’t procrastinate too long (not that I want to – procrastinating in a shopping mall isn’t fun).

And that was pretty much my day. I had dinner at the mall, which was marginally better, but not really. Spaghetti and Meatballs. I don’t know what kind of meat was in the meatball. And I don’t think I want to know. And the spaghetti… well… I miss Mom’s spaghetti! But anyway, I digress. I did have a massive chocolate milkshake sort of thing with marshmallows and whipped cream on top, and then SHAUNA, who is a terrible influence on me – for the record (not my fault), coerced me into buying a chocolate chip cookie, even though I was trying to be good and not eat additional desserts. So… not my fault.

Oh – I did take the subway home, or I guess… skyway? I don’t know what they call it. But it’s not terribly tourist friendly, and I’m pretty sure I was the only non-native there tonight. But it went well. Maybe I’ll take it again.

So that’s my adventure from today. Sorry it’s not more exciting – I’ll try harder tomorrow. A little. Singapore is next though, and that looks very nice. And then there’s two countries that just do not speak the same language as me, so you will probably get some amusing stories from there. Just to give you an idea of what’s “coming soon”… 🙂

Oh yeah… and I went to KL Tower yesterday. The tallest tower in Asia or something like that… it’s… not… that impressive. So… yeah. But I went there. And paid to go up… and took about 3 pictures. So… 🙂 Maybe if I hadn’t been to the CN Tower. And the thing in Melbourne. And the various other towers that are tall and pretty. But I had, so … such is life.

That’s it. I’m done for now. Have a good night… oh wait, we said it was morning. Have a good day!

PS – I beat Shauna at Ticket to Ride yesterday and happened to take a screenshot. And I just noticed it in my Photo Stream and thought to myself… I should post that! Soooooo… 🙂