Day 2… Getting settled…

Day two in Malaysia… took it pretty slow today.

It basically poured all morning – really nice and warm, but very wet. I went for a walk around to try to get my bearings, but I’m finding it really challenging here to figure out where I am! It’s such a busy city, near impossible to cross the street without getting run over half the time and it all looks the same, so it can be hard to remember some landmarks!

That being said, I only managed to get myself lost twice today… once in the rain, which wasn’t terribly fun, and then once later at night after I ventured out for food. I did, after the first time, manage to get a SIM card for my iPhone so I can use the internet, however I got a little bit frustrated with the Apple’s very crummy “Maps” application when it couldn’t find my way back. Actually quite irritated. Very, very, irritated. Google on it’s web version of Maps did get me back, so thanks Google, but the lovely Maps application that Apple has decided to ship now is completely, utterly useless when traveling. Very disappointed. I’ve know it wasn’t the best for a while now, but when you’re actually relying on it to bail you out – and it can’t – it’s quite irritating.

Anyway, I got back after walking in the wrong direction for a while, saw a few neat sights today – a few markets (there are a lot around!), some neat streets, some cool buildings, etc. but I plan on getting out tomorrow to KL Tower and maybe do a “hop on/hop off” bus tour. I am finding things extremely well priced here – the exchange rate is fantastic, a meal of a burger, fries and two cokes cost me about $5 CAD. So I am enjoying that!

But otherwise, Malaysia observations so far… very busy, very difficult for me to navigate (which is driving me craaaaazy), it’s kind of odd because a lot seems to be “upgraded” – the buildings, or a lot of them anyway, look very modern, the internet is good, general infrastructure seems OK but there are a LOT of cars on the road, it’s very crowded, traffic lights are barely followed, pedestrian crossing is a joke (as is “giving way” to pedestrians, despite the signs), the general population seems rather poor.

So… it’s interesting. A bit of a culture shock, not running into that many people that speak “good” english, most people speak broken english. All the signs are in english though, so it feels a little weird… obviously focusing on tourism.

Anyway… I’m going to muck around the hostel for a while, download some TV shows to watch, and hopefully the weather is good tomorrow!

Talk to you later…