Today sucks… but I made it

Today sucks.

Up at 6:30am, left the hostel in Melbourne at 7:30am, got to the airport by 8am, hung around there for a couple hours until my flight at 10:30am. Uneventful flight, though I wouldn’t fly Air Asia again for a long flight… small seats, no entertainment, no free food or drink at all… yeah.

Anyway finally got into the Malaysian airport, huge customs lineup, finally got out of that to try to find a taxi so I leave the airport… only to be told that you have to buy a ticket for the taxi. In the airport. So I sneak back in there, wait in ANOTHER lineup (for about 30 mins), get the stupid ticket, go out, wait in ANOTHER lineup for the stupid taxi, drive an hour and a half to circle the block four times because he can’t find the place, and he doesn’t speak much english, to finally arrive at the hostel.

So I’m not in a terribly good mood at the moment… I hate travel days, especially when they suck this much.

But I’m here. Hostel seems fine, free wifi which is a plus, and I think it’s close to stuff, but I’m not going anywhere tonight. It’s now 8pm, I got in at 3:30pm… so I’m done. I guess it can only get better from here… right? 🙂