What’s next?!

And we’re back to that age old question… What’s Next?!

Over the last three days Shauna’s family took me on a beautiful tour of the Great Ocean Road here in Victoria, Australia… as you might imagine, it was basically a drive along the ocean :p It was a terrific drive – we left Thursday morning and hit lookout after lookout, stayed at a couple cool spots and found some awesome food (ice cream, pizza…mmmmmm I’m still full!). A very cool way to cap a couple of weeks here, very kindly hosted by Shauna and her family. It was such a terrific break from hostels and such (not that I’ve been going that long yet lol), and really the first actual downtime that I’ve had since work!

So I’m excited to be back on the road, but I’ll miss the comfort of Horsham! It’s almost like leaving home again!!!

That being said… I do know “what’s next”, and I’m hopping on an airplane tomorrow! Our road trip ended back in Melbourne and we said “goodbye” after visiting the Queen Victoria Market again and grabbing some lunch, and then I’m staying at a hostel here tonight before heading to the airport in the morning for an 8 hour flight from Melbourne to Malaysia (Australia really is far away from everything!!!). Looking forward to the beautiful weather and what looks like an interesting place to spend some time!

As of right now, I have not left behind any additional bottles of shampoo, body wash, etc. though Vicki (Shauna’s mom) was insistent that I take along a few extra ones from the place we stayed “just in case” (and I’m sure I’ll wind up needing them again…sadly).

Amazingly, I am only 9 weeks (63 days) or a little over two months into this journey! So much still lies ahead, lots of amazing places to visit! I am thinking about reviewing my “plan” once again to make sure I’m going where I should be going, and move my focus to arriving at specific places and doing specific things, versus just going for scenery, hikes, etc.

So far I’ve been very lucky to see some beautiful places along the way here, so I’m really wanting to focus on some historical things, different cultures, places of international significance, etc… not to say that great scenery won’t be a part of it!

So… that’s it! For now… it’s about 7:30pm here, I’ve had dinner so I’ll probably do a little relaxing tonight, getting ready for my flight tomorrow. I’m out of here at 7:30am, 8 hour flight leaving at 10:35am… which means tomorrow is going to pretty much be a write-off. First flight with Air Asia, I have another one with them to get to Singapore after (thankfully only an hour there…) so we’ll see how it goes.

As usual, have a good day, night, afternoon, morning or whatever it is wherever you are… I am changing time zones again tomorrow, jumping back 3 hours. CYA!