A blog post… finally!

Hello all! I’m still alive!

It’s been a very relaxing week and a bit, and I haven’t had a chance to make a new post so I thought I’d take some time to do a general update! I’m still in Horsham, Australia which, in case you didn’t know, is about 3 hours away from Melbourne. I’m staying here with Shauna, my host sister from when she was in Canada, and her wonderful family. It’s been so much fun to hang out with Shauna again, meet her parents, family and friends around here, and relax a bit while exploring the area!

Major things that we’ve done have been a visit to Hallsgap, where there are some beautiful sights, a cool waterfall, a great ice cream place, and a some really good meat pies. We also visited the Hallsgap Zoo, and I got destroyed at a very impressive mini golf course. We also took a weekend trip into Melbourne and stayed at Shauna’s Aunt’s house where we also got to meet, and help entertain, her young cousin, Jack! In Melbourne we did lots of walking around the city, saw the Shrine of Remembrance (on Remembrance Day), the Botanical Gardens, the Eureka Tower, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Central, State Library, Science Works, and we took a bike ride through Newport and had some very yummy Ice Cream (in a chocolate dipped cone!).

So it’s been a fun week and a bit! Mostly it’s been a great break from travel – kinda scary that I’m only done two out of ten months – lots more travel to go, and unfortunately, not really any more relax stops like this in between! But this has been a lot of fun… Shauna and I are playing a game we both enjoy, Ticket to Ride, almost daily, usually involving us, her boyfriend Scott, another friend of hers Russ, and / or her parents, and today was her Birthday so she got a new game to play as well! Also keeping busy with trips in and around Horsham, some movies that we’ve been watching, and just generally hanging out and having a great time. Very grateful for the hospitality that her family is showing me here!!

And that… is why you haven’t been getting any real updates! I’m far too relaxed lol.

But that’s all coming to an end, sadly, and travel mode is on the horizon. We’re taking a drive to Melbourne the “long way”, going along the Great Ocean Road (how cool does that sound?) on Thursday, reaching Melbourne on Saturday where I’ll return to my hosteling ways, stay one more night in Australia, then depart Sunday morning for Malaysia! This was not previously on the itinerary, and is a new addition along with (potentially, we’ll see how it goes…) Tokyo Japan, Seoul South Korea, and Hong Kong. I’ve removed Perth, Australia and Cape Town from the agenda, but I may be back to Australia as Shauna’s family has offered to put up with me again if I want to swing back for Christmas… so we’ll see how it goes! It would be awesome to spend it with her family, just gotta work out a route…

So that is where I am right now… the next few stops, for your information, are as follows

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea

Subject to change, of course.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a relax day before the trip out, and then it’s time to pack up and go for a drive! So I’ll leave you with that for now – plus it’s bed time. Lots of pictures have been uploaded to Facebook if you’re interested!