Bed time…

Slightly earlier to bed tonight, though not by much!

This morning Shauna and her Dad, Peter, took me for a bit of a drive… we saw a few local sights, names are escaping me at the moment (I’m tired! And it’s not like my memory is the best when I’m not), but we saw some nice lakes, which up until recently were actually rather empty, discovered just how flat it is here – a huge change from somewhere like New Zealand, and went for a visit up the only “non-flat” area around here, Mt Arapiles, which is actually a very cool, well known spot that people travel quite a bit to get to in order to climb – I’m not much good, but I was tempted to climb it myself!

It was quite cool going to the camp site below the mountain and seeing all the people climbing from below – from what Peter said there’s areas to climb that are very easy and very hard, though in order to climb it at all it would probably be a very good idea for you to be a mountain climber to begin with – you would absolutely need a bit of equipment.

Beyond that we drove up to the summit – Shauna was very nearly blown away though I was able to keep my hair from going quite as crazy (ha ha ha – it’s funny because I don’t have long hair. Get it?! ha ha ha. Just making sure). Terrific view – again, quite clear that a lot of land around here is very flat, so really interesting to see. It was a bit overcast and rainy, but you could still see very far around.

Anyway we wrapped that up and returned to the house, Shauna took me for a drive into town where I got myself a new SIM card to replace the one I lost (so I have cell service again!) which was a pretty painless procedure, then we went to check out the mall in Horsham (it’s… tiny :p), had a milkshake and some cookies with Scott at a cafe, returned home to play some Ticket to Ride, had some very yummy lamb for dinner, visited Shauna’s cousin, watched some TV, and… went to bed :p

Which is the plan right now. Up early tomorrow for a day trip, also tomorrow for those interested is the Melbourne Cup, which is quite a big deal around here (it’s actually a holiday in Melbourne, and some surrounding areas!), so be sure to check that out if you’re into horse racing!

With that I will bid you adieu, have a lovely {insert time of day here – again}. Oh on a plus – been getting lots of spam on the blog comments recently (if you’re reading this spammers, kindly go away), so I’ve installed a new plug in to avoid this. If you write a comment but it doesn’t wind up there after a day or so, send me a quick email and I’ll go through the spam box and fish you out of there.