Goooood evening

Hello from Horsham once again… I get to say that a few times over the next bit :p

Very nice to have a relaxing day – a lovely change from the past few weeks. As I said, travel takes a lot out of you and it’s nice to have a “home base” without having to worry about moving to a new city the next day, or feeling that internal pressure to get out and experience as much as you can because you’re only somewhere for a day or two.

Anyway today was very nice – woke up early still, though I did stay in a bed for a bit and just do emails and news and such, then Shauna found out I was awake and came to say “hello” (I can still recall from when she was staying with us and she would occasionally force me awake by ripping away the covers… tho I’m pretty sure I was sleeping in much later, she is being nicer to me this time around :p). Got up and had some breakfast, we hung around a bit and made some chocolate ice cream (I DID help – Shauna says I’m very well trained… take note, Mom) and Shauna made some sort of fruit cake of some sort as well.

After that Shauna’s boyfriend Scott came over, great to meet him after hearing about him for quite a while and I also got to meet her friend Russ – the four of us hung out for most of the day, went over to Scott’s house to see his dogs (I’ve been having an animal withdrawal) and play some Ticket to Ride, a game I’ve been playing on the iPhone, in real board game style.

After that we went back to Shauna’s house, all had a fantastic BBQ dinner cooked by her parents (soooo nice to have BBQ again!), played some more Ticket to Ride (5 people… not as easy :p), hung around, watched some TV, I did some banking, and … BED!

So it’s quite exciting for me, but I don’t have tons of exciting pictures for you – you’ll just have to get over it :p I do have a cute picture of Shauna with her cat, Misty, who was allowing himself to be held for quite an extended period of time… I was impressed. So that will have to tide you over for now, along with the picture of the GIANT Koala (bear :p) that is quite noticeable as you drive into Horsham!

And now I’m going to get some more much needed sleep… tomorrow it’s expected to rain a bit so we’re not yet sure what we’re going to do, it sounds like there are some beautiful places to see and some fun stuff to do around here, and I think we’re also planning on going into Melbourne for a bit this week, so lots to do.. in addition to simply relaxing. Which is working quite well for me right now as well! šŸ˜€

Have a good {insert time of day here} – oh and to everyone switching around daylight savings, enjoy your extra hour of sleep.