Last day in Greymouth!


Good evening! It is 6pm here and my last full day in Greymouth. I’ll be heading out early tomorrow morning (8am’ish) to drive back to Christchurch, and then on Saturday I’ll be grabbing a flight over to Melbourne nice and early as well – so a couple of early mornings! (tho Saturday is earlier – gotta drop off the car around 6am).


Anyway, it was raining when I woke up this morning so I wasn’t in a terribly good mood – there isn’t exactly a lot to do here on a “rain day”. Actually, there’s… nothing to do here on a rain day lol.

So I moped around a bit, complained to Becca, and eventually decided to go for a drive towards Westport to see the Seal Colony at Cape Foulwind.

Quite lucky for me, the weather got better with the drive – it was about an hour and a half away, and it actually wound up taking that much time since I didn’t stop every 15 mins! :p

The walkway there was amazing… I spent abDSC06156out 3 hours there, saw the Seal Colony (it’s not that easy to get pictures of them, but if you look closely you’ll see a baby seal resting…) which was pretty cool. This is the busy “mating season” (summer) so there were a bunch around, and beyond that the sights were quite nice!


I walked all the way to the Cape Foulwind Car Park, which is above 1:15hr one way, but slightly longer if you stop all the time to take pictures… which I did :p Some very nice sights (I say that all the time.. but it’s true!), and overall just a terrific walk.

Well worth the time, and a nice way to spend my last full day here! 🙂

The weather held out pretty well all day, I wentDSC06253 into town (in Westport) and toured around there for a bit, checking out the area – same old, same old, but a quaint little place! And eventually decided to head back for the night.

The drive back was obviously quite nice as well, I paid a pretty ridiculous price for gas (2.30!!!) but ohhhh well. I need to bring it back to the car place empty because I paid to have them refuel it, so I’m trying to calculate just how much to put in. It’s a pain, but I won’t be in the mood to fill it up at 6am when I drop off the car.


So overall, another very nice day and a good way to cap off the Greymouth experience. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Pat and his girlfriend tomorrow to go whale watching, just need to make sure I plan enough time for the drive to get there in time! So a busy day tomorrow, filled with lots of driving (about 4 hours back is what I’m thinking).

You’re probably seeing two entries appear on the blog today, this is because I ran out of internet time last night so didn’t get a chance to upload that blog, so today I’m writing this one BEFORE I use up my internet time then I’ll upload them both! Always thinking… sort of.

Oh also, last night I hit the “hostel jackpot” DSC06145and found out that no one else was sharing my four bed room with me – sweet! So that worked out pretty well… and so far no one is in there yet as well, so maaaaaaybe I’ll have it to myself again??? Either way, it was a very nice sleep last night 🙂

So that’s it. I may or may not have time to blog tomorrow, it’ll be a bit busy with the whale watch, and I’m not yet sure where I’m staying in Christchurch, and then I’m up early on Saturday for the flight (which will be 7 hours total with a stopover in Sydney… ugh!), and then I’m meeting up with Shauna and her family in Melbourne! So I’m looking forward to that 🙂 Probably more entries once I get to Melbourne/Horsham, though there is really fast internet in the Sydney airport so if I have time, maybe…