Oops I did it again…


You might think this is a joke. That exact thought ran through my mind yesterday. However, it is not.

Yes that’s right. Once again, I left a bottle of shampoo at a hostel. Yes, I did this the very day, actually less than 12 hours, after I posted a blog post on this very blog making fun of myself for doing this on two other occasions.


My name is Ryan, and I leave shampoo in hostels.

So anyway, that was fun.

Moving right along! Today is Friday, I am in Rotorua, New Zealand today after leaving Hamilton yesterday. Since I didn’t post yesterday, let’s jump in from there! Yesterday I got up not too late, I think around 9 or so and used up what was left of my internet card, checked out of the hostel at 10am and went to one last place in Hamilton I still wanted to see – the Hamilton Gardens.

Beautiful gardens, quite expansive! I had a niDSC05378ce hour or so walk around, and in the process decided to do something that I haven’t done in a few years… try a little tree climbing 😛

So it was a pretty fun time all around 🙂 After my tree climbing escapade (I also figured out, once again, that you shouldn’t fall down from too high up or too hard because your feet don’t like it) I met up with Sarah again and we went out for lunch – parking in Hamilton was surprisingly hard to find, I think I must have circled around for 15 – 20 minutes before eventually deciding to just park in the mall parking lot. But anyway, I found parking, and we walked along to a nice little Italian place and ordered some pizza (which turned out to be very good).

At the specific request of my mother, we did indeed get a picture this time… something I neglectDSC05413ed to do on the first meeting (I need to remember to take pictures!!!). But again, nice to chat with her and hang out with someone I actually know! It is a little weird going for a week without having human contact with someone who has ever met you before lol. Though thanks to the lovely world of technology, I am able to keep in touch with home.


Anyway, after lunch with Sarah I looked around the mall for a bit, and did some random stupid stuff… I decided that I didn’t want to pay the $8 for parking when you can get parking for free if you spend $10 in the mall (Ryan’s economics…), so I wandered around forever to find something (hardest time I’ve ever had spending $10) and got it validated exactly 5 minutes late, so I wound up having to pay $2 for parking in addition to the $10 I spent in the mall :p I choose the most bizarre times to get anal about spending money. Then the next minute, I’ll spend $35 for a walking tour. GO ME!

But yeah – after that I took off! (Goodbye Hamilton) for Rotoura, New Zealand. Got here yesterday probably around 5pm or so, checked in – this is the first place so far that I’ve had a room to myself, for NZD $40 a day you can get a (tiny) single room, and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea for a couple of nights. So I lazed around for the most part yesterday, walked around town a bit, went down to the waterfront (nice to be near water again!) and got dinner at some random place… where they put mayo on my sandwich. Ewwwwwwww. I’ve gotten better at eating some things… but not mayo. So yeah. Anyway. The “chips” were good.

After that I checked out the Night Market that they have every Thursday – very cool – got some postcards and VERY GOOD KETTLE CORN! So happy New Zealand seems to have Kettle Corn all over the place! It was fan-tas-tic. So there you go, I spent money on that.


On to “today”, I got woken up by something at 6:30am so did emails from bed, then went back to bed 🙂 set my alarm for 9:30am, woke up a few times in between and then when it came time to “wake up” I was actually nicely asleep, so it was a “snooze” morning. I did some more email and a bit of work when I actually got up, but more or less stayed in the room for a while.

Went for lunch to a burger place – unfortunately the burgers here are not exactly my dream burger… but anyway. The “chips” were once again very good. One other thing – they don’t have Ketchup! They call it “tomato sauce”! I know it’s a brand name… but still! Anyway after lunch I decided to do some touring, so I found a great walking tour about 20 mins away (more like 40 after getting stuck in construction, but anyyyyyway) at a very cool geo-thermal area, the Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

Breath… taking…

Let me throw a few pictures up here…


I know the pictures don’t quite do it justice, but I hope you get a bit of an idea… steam everywhere, beautiful sights, the water (don’t think I was supposed to stray off the patch and touch it but whoopsiieeee) was super warm, and just… really amazing. It was hard to believe that it was all natural and there wasn’t some sort of pump somewhere making the water flow or pop up, etc. Very, very highly recommend doing this if you are ever out this way. It was about an hour and a half, unfortunately some of the area was closed off because it was flooded. Very, very cool.

So that was my “major” thing today, tomorrow I’m heading to Lake Taupo for a couple of days, then back to Auckland for one day and then off to the South Island on the 30th (pushed it back a day to get a cheap flight). I’ll be in the South Island from the 30th to Nov 3rd, at which point I’ll be flying out to Melbourne.

Tomorrow I might be trying something called Zorbing, where you basically get put in a giant plastic ball (think hamster ball) and roll down a hill. Now that… will be amusing. So I’ll let you know how that goes, and from there I’ll probably head over to Lake Taupo.

Soooo that’s it. I’m going to try to wrap up some stuff on this crappy overpriced internet connection (ugh I SOOOO miss truly high speed internet, with no limits!!!) and then head to bed.

Have a good day, night, whatever it is for you!