Hamilton Day 2


Hey, hi, hello & good evening!

Today let’s talk about two weird things about me…

One – I have this really weird look sometimes when I’m taking pictures. See the one to the left. This irritates me to no end. I have no idea how I make this face, and I try constantly to avoid it. It is highly irritating. I figure some of these pictures will be posted, because there’s obviously lots of places I’m going where I want to take pictures, so I just wanted to toss that out there.


Two – and this is a weird statistic that is NOT going on the Counters page (which you should check out btw – at the top). I have lost, on this trip, not one, but two bottles of shampoo. I have now purchased a third one. Who does this, and how does this happen? To be honest… yeah I don’t know. But I wanted to mention this with the hope of shaming me into keeping this particular bottle of shampoo. I’m pretty sure I’ve left one behind in one of the rooms, and I may have left one behind in a shower. I kind of need to get used to TAKING the shampoo with me.

DSC05229Ok so that clears up the two weird things about me. Not saying there aren’t more, but I’m just saying that those are two that were worth mentioning today.

ANYWAY – today! Today was a very nice day here in Hamilton, New Zealand. The weather was beautiful! Fall like weather if you were to compare at home, very nice and sunny. I had breakfast this morning with Sarah, who lives here (in Hamilton) but was an exchange student with our Rotary club at home – great to see her again! I think we’re going to hang out a bit tomorrow before I go as well.

After that I decided to take the hour long drive out to the Waitomo Caves, where I purchased a guided tour of three different caves… the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves (very cool!!), Ananul Cave (very cool, and I could take pictures here!) and last but certainly not least (and longest – about 2 hours) the Ruakuri Cave.

DSC05237So the caves were very cool – the glow worms were awesome to see, it was a lot of fun to see. Basically a full day, and on the way there and back I saw a lot of pretty awesome sights along the road in New Zealand.

So today I feel like I saw the “real” New Zealand for the first time, and not just a city – which is very cool! Really happy I got the opportunity. Tomorrow I’m off to Rotorua, and I’d like to add more but the laptop is about to die, and I don’t feel like getting the power cord from my room.

So this is it for now. Talk to you later!