Goodbye, Sydney!

Just a quickie tonight – it’s late, I’m tired, and I have to be up niiiiice and early for the flight tomorrow.

I had a great last day in Sydney – I blew off the Blue Mountains (next time!) and decided to walk the city. Everywhere I went I ran into buskers and musicians performing, it was terrific. The weather was beautiful, walking around was terrific. I went to the Harbour Bridge museum thing – I forget exactly what it’s called, but you get to go up to a point on one of the the side columns, see all sorts of stuff on the building, etc – it was included free with my Bridge Climb, so I thought why not.

I also wound up crossing the bridge using the pedestrian path, so I got over to the other side and then went to Luna Park – neat place for kids! Did some more walking around… overall I think I spent about 5 hours walking the city today, possibly a bit longer.

I also went back to the Apple Store and bought a Mophie case.. basically an extra battery for the iPhone. I’ve found that I have been relying on it a lot, and by the time I get back from the day it’s usually dead or dying, so this adds another 75% or so to it’s battery – very helpful to have, I’m sure it will be invaluable in my travels.

And that’s that… it was a great day, really nice way to cap off my short time in Sydney.

And now… New Zealand. So I’m all prepped (I think), getting psyched up for it, and I’ve got an early flight at 9:30am, which means I need to be there pretty early.

OK so I’m going to bed – sorry for the lack of pics, I’ve got lots from today, but no time!

Good night!