Another day in Sydney


Hello, g’day, aloha, etc. 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday as it wound up being a bit busy, and I got tied up with work towards the end, so here goes!

Yesterday I decided to check out one of the attractions in the area, and opted for the Sydney Aquarium which is located in Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is accessible a number of ways, technically it’s still on the same stretch of land that I’m on now, but I wanted to do the whole ferry thing, see under the bridge, etc, so I opted to travel from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour by ferry!

Lots of terrific views on the way over, it was very reasonably priced (I think $11 or so both ways), and nice to be back on the sea again, if only for a while :p (and without the buffet!).


So the ride over was great, but arriving was better – Darling Harbour is terrific! I was so impressed – it was like a whole new world! What a neat spot… I went down a few hours early, had the ticket for the Aquarium for 4pm, so I got to wander around for a while. Lots to see and do, a beautiful park, a really cool bridge that spins around to let boats through, a spiral water fountain sort of thing (you can walk in it! so cool!), as well as several other attractions in the area including Madame Tussouds (did I spell that right?), a zoo sort of thing, a naval museum and more – including tons of restaurants, places to snack, drink, etc.


Overall – very impressed. Really cool place.

I couldn’t quite resist the Lindt Chocolate store and got myself a Cookies & Cream Delice or something like that – it was unbelievably good. I spent a lot of time just walking along the harbor, got lunch at a place called Nick’s where they had a wonderful $10 steak & chips (or french fries as I call them), and then… went to the Aquarium!

DSC04600Very cool spot, I was amazed at how much was in this building. So many different species – sharks left and right, these huge crabs, underwater tunnels (all glass enclosed) – it was very impressive.

Got lots of pictures from there, and learned a bit about some of the sea creatures that are around here 🙂

DSC04633So a very impressive day, well spent and LOTS of walking. I wanted to take the ferry back after sunset, so I had a later dinner (spaghetti it was OK, overpriced but OK lol), and took the ferry back around 7:20pm to catch the Opera House lit up…


It wasn’t lit up in multi colors or with projectors or anything, so I was a little disappointed, but it was still very nice – the bridge looked great from afar, Coney Island was pretty neat lit up, and in general it was a very nice (if not a little cold) ride back.


So that was my day YESTERDAY! After I got back I had a bunch of work to catch up, so I mostly spent the rest of it in one of the lounges or downstairs catching up, so sadly nothing too exciting to add there.

Now TODAY was not quite as explorative, but I wanted to spend some time around the city so I got up and went for a walk… no public transportation this time! I found myself a nice place for lunch, had this a m a z i n g pizza, and found a very spiffy looking Apple store! All glass 😀 so of course I had to stop in there… I might wind up getting a power booster case since I do find that I am running low on my iPhone battery pretty consistently. More money to spend! But I didn’t spend it today :p I was VERY tempted by the iPhone 5… but we’ll leave that alone for now. VERY NICE though. And light. And fast. 🙂 🙂

After that I walked down to Darling Harbour again (really do love this area) and just hung around a bit… couldn’t resist the Lindt store again so I found myself another Cookies & Cream thing and hung around some more. Very nice just to hang out by the water.

After that I wandered around the city some more… found the Queen Victoria Building, a very nice, upper class shopping mall (it has carpet!) and wandered around there for a while, grabbed a paper and read up on some of the recent news around here, and then began to make my way back to home base.

Found a International Food Festival on the way back, so of course I had to stop there, then I discovered an “Art and About” installation which was interesting to walk through, and another path back home which got me past some very nice older buildings, a really nice church, and some very cool water fountains.


And that… got me back here.

It’s about 7:30pm now, and I’m getting hungry, so my plan is this – find food, finish planning tomorrow.

Tomorrow, ladies and gents, is the mystic, the amazing, the Bridge Climb. So that will be quite interesting. I will let you know how that goes. I’m also thinking of getting a little further away from Sydney (seen a lot of it, love it, but let’s see more!) and taking a train to the Blue Mountains! So we’ll see how that goes.. either tomorrow or Saturday. And then, my time in Sydney is quickly drawing to a close with Saturday being my last day, off to New Zealand in the morning on Sunday!

So I think that’s it for now… hope you got your fill of photos and information – fun fact of the day… this trip, so far, has resulted in the taking of 2,315 photos!!! Digital cameras – I thank you.

Have a good day, night, or whatever it is wherever you are!