Australia – Day 2


Well it’s good evening for me, good morning for most people reading this – or I could just say “g’day mate” and get the message across. Whatever works for you I guess 🙂

Today is Day 2 in Sydney, Australia – or my first “full day”, though yesterday felt pretty full. Didn’t get as much sleep as I’d want, unfortunately moving from a private state room on a ship that rocks you back and forth to sleep (on a king size bed) to a shared 7 person dorm, with no one or thing rocking me back and forth to sleep, will take a little getting used to, but I should adapt fairly quickly.

Anyway I dove in today – I was originally thinking about taking a free walking tour this morning, but I got a little lazy and put that off, since they have two a day (one at 10:30am, one at 2:30pm). I got up and went through some more emails and caught up on internet life again – started to investigate the next stop, New Zealand, and look at arranging hostels, etc.


I left the hostel today around noon and took my first trip on the public transit here… the ticket system is pretty complicated and not really easy to understand at a glance. Same with their all day, all week, etc passes – not really laid out anywhere useful, their website isn’t too specific. You can find the information, but it’s really not setup in a way that makes it easy.

Anyway, sorted out where I wanted to go (Circular Quay), and off I went! Quick train ride, and the train that I got on was quite cool – very new, very clean, and the seats can be pulled forward or backward to make it a group of four, or on it’s own. So I was suitably impressed by this. Anyway the ride was quick, and I found myself back almost exactly where the cruise ship dropped me off yesterday!


I did some wandering around the area, found a good spot to get lunch (italian), and eventually found myself at the location for the tour. Unfortunately only two of us showed up, which meant that we could not proceed since they needed at least six, so I decided to wander around on my own, and I’ll go back tomorrow morning for the tour at 10:30am, which he assured me would be on (apparently it’s the more popular of the two tours).


I wandered myself over to the Royal Botanic Garden, which spans about 30 hectares of land and is STUNNING. Quite a sight to see, something I would highly recommend when coming to Sydney. Absolutely beautiful – very peaceful, and kind of funny to see as you look out on all this “green” and directly ahead see these massive buildings.

Anyway I probably walked around there for a good hour or so, lots to see, some great places to sit and relax, just a really nice place to be. I kept walking and eventually found myself directly in front of the Sydney Opera House, so of course… I took pictures :p


I know I mentioned it before, but a very, very cool building. I didn’t go inside this time – it was swarming with kids for one lol, but I will arrange a tour of it sometime in the next few days. Seems like a cool place to get inside, so I’m looking forward to that! I think it’s something like $35, or you get a discount if you go to two or more of the attractions… so I’ll sort it out.


Anyway I kept walking and found myself with several great shots of the bridge, wound up at the passenger terminal that I got out of yesterday and kept walking… the pier is a pretty cool place, lots of history and interesting things to look at.

Wound up walking for another hour or so just exploring the area, and made my way back to the station, and back to Central. The train I took back was not nearly as nice as the first one lol, so clearly they have some old ones left in the fleet.

Once I returned to Central I was a little tired so decided to blow some time and looked up movie listings… I had been wanting to see “Argo” since I first heard about it so I caught the next train out to the Town Hall station, sorted out my direction and eventually made it to the eVent Cinemas, where I discovered to my dismay that they don’t use automated ticket machines – so I waited in line (shock! horror!), got my ticket in the nick of time, discovered that their concession is “serve yourself style” so I loaded up on popcorn and some weird “frozen coke” thing (which did not work out well – won’t try that again) and after paying for the food (not too unreasonable actually) I got into the theatre.

The movie was really good – I was very impressed with the whole thing. Obviously the story was very entertaining and, well, real :p so it was well worth seeing. If you haven’t seen it yet, highly recommended.

After the movie I hopped back on the train and returned to Central once again… and now I’m home – back at Bounce 🙂 Got an invitation to their birthday party tomorrow so that should be fun in the evening, tomorrow morning I’m going out to do the walking tour at 10:30am (for real this time), and then we’ll see where the day takes me.


Still lots on the agenda, I think I probably will go ahead with the bridge climb, despite the price… how many times am I in Australia??

So that’s it for tonight – getting ready for bed shortly, hopefully I’ll sleep a bit better!

Have a good day to all of EST just waking up…