If you’ve been on a cruise with Royal Caribbean, you know what I’m talking about.

Yes that’s right – it’s the strictly 18+ Adult Scavenger Hunt called “The Quest”. I had a blast with this one on the Independence of the Seas last time, and this one was just as much, if not more, fun. I’m really impressed with our cruise director, Casey – he pulls this stuff together really well.


So anyway – THE QUEST. If you’re not a cruise aficionado let me give you the 5 cent tour here… The Quest is an adult scavenger hunt run by the cruise director. Basically everyone in the room is grouped into teams – there are no “spectators”… you’re on a team. Enjoy it.

Each team is given a number, and the cruise director, in this case, Casey, says something like “I want to see your number AND…”, and then whatever it is. So an example – “I want to see a lady with your number and two mens shirts!” – so immediately the guys on the team whip off their shirts, and the woman captain (there is both a man and woman captain) run up with the team number prominently displayed showing Casey the two mens shirts. First five teams get points going down from 5, every team after gets one point.

It was highly amusing.

Other examples for your entertainment – two shoelaces, out of a shoe. Two woman’s bras. A business card. False teeth. A woman with a real tattoo, and several other amusing things.


The game lasts about an hour, and ends with a highly amusing quest – you have a minute to dress up the man in a woman’s bra, makeup and handbag – no shirt. 20 points for that, 40 points if the man does not wear pants (underwear is required – FYI).

This results in the lovely picture to your right – a bunch of very secure men up center stage showing off for the rest of us. But that’s not all.

DSC03939Next, they are led by Casey on a walk throughout the room (which provides the rest of us with lots of picture opportunities), finally landing back up on stage.

Finished, right?

Not quite… to complete the quest, they must now present themselves Zoolander style in a “strut” with a “pose”, at which point the points are finally awarded.

While we did not place in the top 3 (unfortunately no free key chains for us :(), we had a blast with the team (a bunch of us randomly sitting in the same spot), and it was a LOT of fun. Personally I contributed a business card, a camera so one of our team mates could present a “picture of herself”, a t-shirt and a shoe lace. You are welcome.


Anyway, not a bad way to finish things off… other highlights of the day…

Started the morning off with a cooking demonstration by one of our chefs, Casey our Cruise Director and a guest. They made a cake… Casey basically showed us what not to do. It was hilarious.


Captain Rob held an informal “chat” at 1pm in the theatre – it was packed. This is a very popular Captain. I got to meet him and we spent 10 minutes or so chatting and comparing notes on the various cruise ships we’ve been on – really really nice guy. Would love to be on a ship with him again.

He answered questions from guests for a good solid hour, until they finally had to cut it off – it probably could have gone on for another hour. Very funny, impressive guy. Also got to meet Casey in person here, had a chat with him as well – he is from Calgary, one of the few fellow Canucks on board.

I met up with my shuffle board partner again today, however the winds were just a bit too strong, and they closed off Deck 10, so we 


wound up finding a place to sit and chat for a while.


Dinner was great – I tried some lamb as an appetizer and had a terrific schnitzel chicken for the main. Wonderful as always. Great apple crumble for dessert. I am going to MISS THIS FOOD! And the service. Evan and Sandra are terrific.

After dinner they had a great acrobatic show in the Centrum, unfortunately it was cut a bit short because of the motion of the ocean, but they will be doing it again tomorrow – so I’ll grab some more pictures then.

Following that we were entertained in the theatre by “FABBA”, an Abba impressionist group – they were terrific. I was really pleased with the show, a very good job.

And then of course, as I mentioned, at 10:30pm we had THE QUEST – if you ever go on a Royal Caribbean Cruise – GO TO THE QUEST. DO NOT SLEEP THROUGH IT – IT IS WORTH IT! I promise.

Great day, sad that the vacation is coming to an end, but excited to continue with THE TRIP! So get ready for more blog entries from me – it will be nice to have easy (and cheap) access to internet again, and I’ll be a little more active so there will be more to discuss. Excited for the next chapter in my little book of “What’s next?”!

That’s all from me for now – tomorrow morning I’m up for the ALL ACCESS TOUR – which I am terribly excited for, in case you were not aware. I will have pictures and stories from that to be sure.

Thanks for tuning in, talk to you later…