Another day, another zip line


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening. And welcome to My Blog.

Today was a very busy day, and quite enjoyable. So much so, that I decided I really must blog about it. So here I am. And here you are – reading about it. How exciting is that??

For you avid readers, you may recall that today I decided to go Zip Lining – we’ll get to that in a second… calm down. Let’s just start things off…


I got up nice and early today, I think around 6am (thank you room service – I WILL MISS YOU), and started my day off with the Morning Show put on by the Cruise Director, Casey and the Activities Manager, Patrick – both very amusing people. Room service arrived shortly after, and then I dragged myself out to greet the day!

I decided to go into town first before my tour (zip lining) at 11am, so I went down one entire flight of stairs to Deck 1 and disembarked the ship. We arrived today in a “working port”, which basically means you can’t move around it because it’s rather dangerous (you will likely get run over – see image to the left). It’s also considered a secure area, and they get kind of picky about that.

So anyway, because of this we had to take a bus into town, which was no biggie and quite convenient – they speak French primarily here, but most people also speak English, certainly around the tourist areas. This is one port I really wish I had more time in, it was such a lovely spot, very clean, very convenient to get around. As it was I didn’t have much time before the cruise, and wound up walking around, grabbing a french croissant and some water, and settling in to do some Wifi… y…ay. Yeah, so not so exciting.


Anyway moving on – I went back to the ship around 10am – as soon as I stepped in the door the ships alarm sounded 7 short blasts and then a long one… for those avid cruisers, this is one of those things you never want to hear :p but luckily it was crew drills lol. So impressed with the safety training, security and the cleanliness here. Anyyyyyway.

I got back on and psyched myself up for the tour – frankly freaking out a little bit, but if an 8 year old can do it (minimum age for the tour), I figured I could handle it. Anyway got off for the 10:45am meeting, boarded a bus that took about 30 mins to get to the Koghl Parc and check in!


We arrived and got suited up – harness, gloves, helmet, and promptly started our first adventure. Just to clarify, because I didn’t really “get it” until I got there – this isn’t zip lining like go really high then “wheeeeeee” all the way down, this is hooking yourself up to a line, basically going through an obstacle course up rather high in the air, and then occasionally putting on the thing that lets you go “wheeeeee”


It was quite physical – you had to be in shape to do this thing, and it was a lot of fun! You were always attached to your zip line, but the idea is you rarely wanted to have to use it (except during the whee part)… but yeah, very very cool – you’re walking on a tight rope, these rickety stairs, whatever – it was pretty intense and just a blast. I think I would like to do just a “wheeeeee” kind of zip line sometime, but this was terrific.

After that our bus was late, so I unfortunately did not get a chance to go out and explore the island DSC03775anymore, we got back to the ship without much time to spare, and shortly after, the lovely Rhapsody of the Seas departed her last port on this particular tour. This was a fun one, we had to reverse and turn around to get back out to open sea, and was quite amusing to watch. Kudos, Captain Rob & team.

Once we were underway (and I finally stopped taking pictures) I met up with my shuffle board partner and we gave it another shot – I have to say I’m not too bad, though she routinely kicked my ass as well. Overall a lot of fun though.

Dinner was very nice, I had another cold soup – peach I think this time, and a wonderful chicken dish. Evan, our Waiter and Sandra, our Assistant Waiter, are taking very good care of our table – I wish they could come with me for the rest of this trip! :p They’re just terrific.


After dinner was one of my favorite parts of the cruise – a wonderful production show with the Rhapsody of the Seas Singers and Dancers. I’ve seen this show on two ships before this one, and I think this was the best, though unfortunately they didn’t have the live orchestra backing them up, which I can only assume was done so due to size.


Anyway the show was amazing – they did a TERRIFIC job, I gave a standing ovation which I thought was very well deserved, and a few other people got up too, which I was really happy to see. It was the last production show of the cruise 🙁

When I arrived back in my cabin a new friend was waiting for me, something that they do every cruise – I love these things! This particular towel animal is a monkey, though I’ve gotten all sorts – including a turtle, which I have not previously encountered!

And that was my day! I decided that I had enough physical activity for today, so I did not need to go jogging (and also probably COULD NOT go jogging) tonight, however I really wanted to see the stars again so I decided to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying DSC03809goes, and take my laptop to Deck 10, head to the very front of the ship, and grab a beach chair… there are no lights up here, because the bridge needs it dark to see at night, however much to my dismay the stars seem to be covered by some clouds tonight – so while I am enjoying the wonderful weather and beautiful evening, I am deprived of the stars. Maybe tomorrow.

In the Centrum right now they have one of their bigger parties of the cruise, so I’ll probably wrap this up and head in to check it out, followed shortly by bed. Very busy day tomorrow, they have lots of events planned that I want to attend. Only two more sea days, and then we’re in Australia!

So with that I will bid you adieu, and wish you a wonderful evening. I’m not sure if I’ll blog again before Sydney, we’ll see what happens. I do have the all access tour on Day 18 (Saturday), so I’m sure I’ll want to jot down some stuff from that.