A cruise update


Salut from the Isle of Pines!

An absolutely stunning island, and we were very lucky to get some SUNSHINE today! The last two stops have been a bit cloudy, even rainy yesterday, but today when I went out this morning it was drop dead gorgeous!

Very pleased with the weather, very pleased with the island. I spent some time out here today and it was quite a pleasure. The beaches are amazing, water was beautiful (approx 38°c) and overall just a wonderful day. As we were taking off I ran into an Aussie upstairs and was introduced to shuffle board, which I was not too bad, but certainly not too good at :p it was fun to play though, especially going at 10 knots with a bit of wind influencing the game.


Dinner tonight wasn’t too bad, I tried some sort of alfredo pasta, which was decent, and had a cold mango soup appetizer which was very nice – dessert was a strawberry thing, which was really good. Made the final decision to go Zip Lining tomorrow, so I’ve booked that (yay!) which should be quite amusing.

The show was a very talented violinist, however the music wasn’t really my style. Still, incredibly talented guy. I tried a game of roulette – and lost :p so I’ve abandoned that for now, might try again tomorrow (I have two more coupons to use!!).

Anyway what else… it’s Day 15 out of 19 today, so the cruise is quickly coming to an end. Still have a few days left, and I’m pretty excited to move on with the trip anyway, so certainly not feeling bad about it. Tonight I DSC03585went for a jog – I haven’t been doing this nearly as much as I should have, or want to, but… meh. That being said though, I had a wonderful jog tonight – there were NO clouds in the sky, the stars were STUNNING and out in full force. Lying at the very forward of the ship on a deck chair (after four laps or so) is an experience in itself. They should sell tickets. It always blows me away that more people don’t do a little star gazing while they’re on a ship like this. If you ever go on a cruise – DO IT!

While I did enjoy this, and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it already or not, I am still disappointed that I can’t get to the very TIP of the forward of the ship. If you’ve seen some of my previous cruise pics you’ll notice me at the very tip (titanic style!), and unfortunately this area is closed off to the public on the Rhapsody. On the Freedom and Independence they have a Helipad, so it’s a publicly accessible area – unfortunately they do not have this here.

HOWEVER – I am going on the all access tour on Day 18, and I absolutely plan on making my way down there some way or another. I WILL be down DSC03564there this time around. Period. While this is quite irritating, I will say again without reservation – the Rhapsody is a beautiful ship.

Okay what else… it’s 10:42pm right now, or 7:43am EST (we’re actually on the same day! for a couple more hours anyway..) and I’m not sure that I’m ready to go to bed yet, but I’m getting myself up at 6am tomorrow (room service!) because I want to see us arrive in the port (we’re docking, no more tender) and I want to get out early… my zip lining adventure is at 11am, but I’d like to see a bit of the island as well, and maybe catch some wifi, so I’ll try to get off at 7am when we dock and explore a bit before hand. All aboard is 3:30pm.

Uhh other things… what else can I talk about right now… hmm…. I keep getting advice on where to go in Australia… if I follow all this advice I’ll never make it out of the country :p the entire 10 months will be there!! But it does sound like quite a beautiful place. And everyone speaks very highly of New Zealand as well, so I’m still looking forward to that too. Ugh how am I going to do everything???? Tough problems, right? :p


Have I shown you a formal night picture of me in my Tux? Here you go. We had three formal nights this cruise, and I decided to rent the tux instead of bringing formal clothes along… didn’t really think they’d fit, certainly wouldn’t travel well, and it’s not like I plan on using them all that often on this trip.


So it was my first time in a tux. And quite amusing getting everything on right! But I got it :p and it actually looked very nice. I was told I cleaned up nicely.

The rest of the time it’s mostly been shorts and a T, though you cannot wear shorts in the dining room, so jeans it is. Stylish, right?? 😀

Ok… I guess it really is time for bed. Ugh 6am tomorrow… and it’s quite difficult too when I’m in an inside cabin, because I’m not a morning person, and lacking the sun, my body sees no earthly reason for me to get up. Again, I know, I’m really tugging on your heart strings.

So with that… it’s been fun. I’ll let you know how zip lining goes, I think I can take pictures – so I’m sure I’ll have a few good ones for you.

It’s been a pleasure… have a good night. Or for most of you, day :p