Bula from Fiji

Bula everyone!

Yes, that’s the way to say “Hello” in Fiji… I’m sitting in an internet cafe just inside of the port today, unfortunately it’s still pretty crappy out so I haven’t really ventured too far into Fiji. Too bad – but it might get a bit brighter in the afternoon. Local time is now 11:50am, we get outta here at 4:30pm, so I’ve got a bit of time.

Today I made it through a bunch of little tasks – the first of which involved paying some bills, which is always fun no matter where you are, then I booked my Hostel in Sydney at what looks like a really nice spot – Bounce Sydney, located very close to Central Station, staying there for 7 nights (Oct 14th – 21st) and trying out the 7 Bed Dorm.

Great looking Hostel, perfect location – what more can you ask for. Well, free wifi would be nice, but… whatcha gonna do.

Anyway next is booking the flight to New Zealand, it looks like Air New Zealand has some pretty good rates, and WebJet seems to be a useful little search tool, so I’ll probably wind up doing that shortly, and I think I’m there for 10 days.

The question there is where exactly I’ll be going and staying – looks like there’s some nice hostels, and I think I’ll probably wind up staying at more than one in different areas. Regardless, I’ll be flying into Auckland to start with, then I’ll figure out how long to spend North, and how long to spend South.

So that’s where I am for planning right now – I’m currently sitting here trying to convince the internet connection here to download the final release of iOS 6, because my Beta version very unfortunately expired while I was on the ship – so my iPhone and iPad are now virtually useless. Not exactly impressed at the moment with this, and the internet speed isn’t really helping me too much either.

With that, I think I’ll end this and see what else I can book… I’m trying a new blogging software called MarsEdit, so we’ll see how well it posts to my Blog.