Where does the time go…

When I went to sleep last night, it was Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012. All was well and right with the world.
I woke up, and it’s Thursday, October 4th, 2012!

No – I didn’t get drunk and sleep through the day (ha ha), last night we crossed the International Date Line, and as a result – my year is one day shorter!

Anyway that amused me enough that I wanted to do a blog post about it, immortalize it if you will. So I’ve now crossed the Equator and International Date Line, both by sea (the very best way to cross them, if I may say).

What else, what else? It’s around 4:30pm, we sail at 8:30pm – I got off the ship this morning to take a look around and was promptly rained upon, not exactly a great welcome. And to add to it, everywhere I went, the locals tried to rip me off! Apia has it’s very own currency, the Samoa Tala. Its exchange rate with the US dollar is $1 -> $0.4325. I looked it up before leaving the ship, having been told that while this is the official currency, they still accept US dollars everywhere… so I didn’t bother to convert.

Every single place I went they tried to tell me that the prices were IN US $ (which was ridiculous), or if I paid for something in US dollars, they tried to give me the change in Tala (in the value of the US that was still owed to me). I was not impressed, and after taking a walk up around, I’ve returned to the ship to live out the rest of the day. I’m sure it’s a beautiful island, and I’m sure there’s a lot to offer, but I was thoroughly unimpressed. Next stop? Suva, Fiji!! So I can’t really complain.

What else…what else… I’ve eaten lots of food I wouldn’t normally have, including a bunch of sea food. I’ve picked up some post cards and have been sending them off (though I did not pick up any from here – oh well), I have some beautiful pictures that I need to upload (won’t try here quite yet, connection is pretty bad), I’ve run across a McDonalds at every island so far (NO, I DID NOT eat there – but I did take pictures), the MacBook Air is running very well and is brilliant to have along. I’m slowly picking up a bit of Aussie slang (being surrounded with them on here!), including “good on you”. I really want to go for a swim right now, but everything is being laundered, so I can’t do that (which is why I’m here, talking to you). I did get a chance to FaceTime back home today (thank you Apple!) so that was nice – saw the parents and animals.

And I think that’s it for now.

I’m going to go and see if my laundry is ready so I can go for a swim, otherwise I think I’ll go chill on Deck 10 and read a book. I’ve gone through at least one a day since arriving and I’m quite enjoying it – thankfully they have a library here as I didn’t bring nearly enough books on my eBook.


I wanted to mention – again – that Laser Eye Surgery was the best thing ever!! It is so, so, so amazing to not have to worry about glasses or contacts – truly invaluable in the Hostel in Hawaii, and very nice here as well. Best money I’ve spent, and my vision is terrific. Dry eyes no more, I’ve completely stopped with any sort of drops or whatever, so they’re now on their own! It’s terrific. So happy.

And THAT, is it. So hello, goodbye and aloha from Apia, Samoa – if I have time I’ll say hello again from Fiji! I think tomorrow we’re at sea *grin*