Pago Pago

Hello all!

I’ve arrived today in Pago Pago, our first time off the ship after 5 wonderful, LAZY, sea days. It’s been a relaxing week, finally unwinding a bit, getting used to the whole concept of relaxation. Just catching up a bit today, I’ve been checking the internet in small spurts on the ship (at 65 cents a minute – yeOW), but not for too long – I’ll be heading back, dumping the laptop, and returning to go on a tour shortly.

Don’t have time to add too much else today, but I’ll be adding a more detailed post with pictures and all that good stuff when I get off the ship on Oct 14th, for now I’ve still got more than a week left of “vacation” on the ship and I plan on enjoying it! It’s a beautiful ship, lots to do, and lots of areas to do nothing in. I’ve been getting through a book a day, eating lots, and meeting some great people.

Just wanted to add an “I’m alive” post, and I’ll get more in here when I get a chance.

Talk to you later!