Let’s take a drive…

Aloha and Hello!

First night in a hostel – check! Actually not too bad, the bed isn’t anything to write home about but hey, it cost $30 instead of $160 at the hotel across the road. I’ll suck it up. Woke up at 6am this morning, my body still isn’t quite used to the whole time zone thing, and the cruise won’t help much, but it’s all good. Getting a pretty good amount of sleep, rolled out of bed around 8:30am and got some toast, PB&J from downstairs (free! can’t complain) and decided to wander around a bit.

Found a parade on the main street here, so I decided to sit down and watch that for a bit, Miss Hawaii drove by, a few school marching bands, a bunch of floats, all that good stuff – not a bad way to start a Saturday morning.

After the parade I wandered around a bit along the downtown, bought some sun screen (figured that would be a good idea), went back to the hostel to lather that on and then decided to take a drive!

Having no particular destination in mind, I set out with the GPS and the car, and can I just say that I have absolutely NO regrets about spending the extra $$$ for the car! This island is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I decided to grab a main road and more or less stay on the edge of the island all the way across (or as much as I could), and there were just some stunning sights. I’ve posted more to Facebook, but here’s a few…

So in case you can’t tell, I’ve fallen in love with the island. Just stunning. Best drive EVER! It’s so hard to convey in pictures some of these sights – one area in particular, it’s this cliff sort of thing and there’s an official viewing area, but then you climb over the fence for the place you’re supposed to look from and you can walk down.. and it’s just awesome. There’s a little fishing hut setup – I could see spending hours just sitting there.

In other news, I am starting to get a bit closer to being out of “work mode”. I still feel like I can’t really just sit around and do nothing yet, I always have to be doing something. So I haven’t spent as much time on the beach as I should, haven’t really gone in the water yet, and keep looking for things to do! But I am feeling that go away a bit. Having a home base really does help, but I know the cruise is what will really make the difference!!

Let’s see… what else… I think I probably will wind up returning the rental car tomorrow night, just to get it out of the way… otherwise it’ll be a pain to take care of on the 25th when I depart for the cruise. I did find out how to get down to the Pier, and I think I’ll probably wind up going down there tomorrow just to scope the place out. It’s handy too, we can start boarding the ship around noon but don’t take off until midnight, so I can likely get in, unpack and then go back off the ship to wander around that part of the city some more.

So that’s it for now! It’s about 6pm, almost time for dinner… so I’ll scout around and see what I can find. I had a great burger at a neat little place close by, but I really am liking that Wolfgang Puck Express place. Very yummy!

Right now it’s 9pm in BC, 12am in ON…. so my body is getting a little cranky. Hopefully some time on the beach will sort that out.

Aloha!!! 🙂