Aloha from Hawaii


Arrived in Hawaii last night and rented a car – decided I wasn’t going to repeat the Vancouver fiasco, and I’d like to get around the island a bit. I’ll hang on to it for a couple of days and see how it goes.

Arrived at the Queen Kapiolani hotel and took a walk around the area, it was pretty dark out so wasn’t great for the whole “view” thing, but I got some food and explored a bit. Got back and really just did some computer stuff and conked out… this whole three time zones in a week is throwing my body for a loop!

I did, however, wakeup to a room full of windows and a gorgeous view from the 18th floor here, so not a bad way to start. The sun came up around 6am, and man is it ever BRIGHT here! Geez! I woke up and I thought it was 10am or something.

Anyway I’m not here for too long, I wanted to do one night in a hotel but I’m headed down the street shortly to arrive at a really nice hostel – I figured I may as well get used to them! So I’ll be arriving at the Waikiki Beachside Hostel shortly, which is literally a two minute walk away from here, and roughly the same amount of time away from the BEACH!!!!!!!!!

So that’s exciting.

And that’s my day so far! I’ve been using up the internet here to download some stuff to watch the next time I’m on a plane, fill up on a few books, upload some pictures, update Facebook and all that jazz, so a nice and productive morning, to be met very soon with a very unproductive afternoon lying on a beach.

I will let you know how the hostel goes, I’m a little worried just because it is my first foray into this, but I don’t think it’s going to be too bad. The website looks great, and it’s more than a quarter of the cost, so… yeah. Let’s do that!!!

Aloha and goodbye, talk to you later!