I’m on a plane!

Well it’s been an interesting, and actually a very busy week! It was terrific to meet so many people from the Best Buy Canadian HQ. I was always impressed when speaking with them from a store, but meeting them in person really makes me see what a terrific group of people we have here. It’s so interesting to see all the departments, and people that make Best Buy run. I think I’ve finally figured out where all the “zones” are in the building, lol.

Anyway it was a lot of fun, but didn’t really leave a lot of time for exploring Vancouver, which is really my fault. It was a bit of a worrisome week for me because I was still waiting for my passport to be shipped to be from the Indian Embassy, so I was pretty hesitant to plan properly. I also notice I’m really getting a little anxious to be spending so much money! It feels very weird – I’m traditionally pretty cheap. Besides my toys, and fast food, I don’t see a lot of money going out, so it feels REALLY weird to be spending, spending, spending right now. This is causing me to cheap out a bit (e.g. don’t get a rental car from the airport), but in the end winds up costing me more money (e.g. take a cab) or time, which is really just as precious at times.

SO I need a bit of a mentality shift here, which I AM working on. I’m finding I am really ready for a vacation… still very much in work mode (working in an office all week didn’t help get rid of that), which is causing a little stress here and there, and I’m really just done with it. I think the cruise is going to be really good, and I think five days in Hawaii won’t hurt either.

Let’s see… what else… oh, well I guess I should mention I’m now on the plane to Hawaii, I left Vancouver YVR today at 6pm. Very nice airport, by the way. I’ve booked a hotel in Hawaii for a day, to let me get in (since I get in at 9pm), and then I think I’m going to start the whole hostel experience a little early and grab a hostel the following day, as well as a rental car so I can do a little exploring of the island.

For the most part, to be perfectly honest, as much as I want to explore and spend some time doing stuff, I’m also ready to lie on a beach for a day and read. Though I usually get bored of that sooner or later.

OK this is running long, so I’m going to cut it off. Vancouver was technically the first leg of my 10 month trip, but Hawaii is the first “real” part of the “done work now travelling” kind of thing, so it’s getting real. And of course, I’ve got a cruise to attend in 5 days!!

All that’s left to say is… “aloha”!