Best Buy CHQ: I have arrived

Sorry for the lack of updates, but it’s been a busy week! Or beginning of the week I guess.

My trip has officially started! I said goodbye to my family last night at Toronto Pearson International, boarded an Air Canada flight to YVR Vancouver and arrived last night, fully loaded with my uber cool 60l backpack and all my techie goodies along with it. I got in to the airport, promptly found my way to the Skytrain, was very kindly given a transfer ticket by someone walking by (I think the backpack generates some sympathy – bonus!), and took the Skytrain for a while, then a bus for a bit and walked a few minutes to get to my hotel!

By the time I arrived I was pretty beat, so I more or less got in and crashed, to be up nice and early this morning to head into Best Buy’s Canadian Headquarters in BC! It was great to meet a few people I have been talking to for years, and see some people I’ve met before again. I’ll be spending a few days there this week, including tonight to help with a deployment through our eCommerce team so I’m really looking forward to making some connections before I head off!

That being said I also want to SEE some of BC again, so I’ll be grabbing a car tomorrow morning after my overnight so I get an opportunity to spend some time around BC.

So not a terribly exciting entry here, but I’m getting pretty excited, so thanks for tuning in! Next stop after this is Hawaii, then AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!