Things I’m learning this week

So I admit, I’m a bit of a last minute person. Especially around travel. I find if I pre-plan too far out I get myself over-excited and worked up, only to remember that I still have X days, weeks or months to go. So I left a few things to the last minute. It didn’t help that work got pretty busy, and contracting got pretty busy. So I’m learning lots this week.

For example, did you know that if you leave the country for 7 months or more you need to get an OHIP waiver so you keep your health coverage? Got that today. And I got the new health card just for fun too. International Drivers Permit… check. Got that from CAA. Really should have done the shots and everything much further in advance, and I knew that, I think that one I was just avoiding :p so I’m in tomorrow to deal with that one. VISA’s I’m well aware I should have started earlier, but oh well on that one.

I figured out how to take all the measurements to get my Tuxedo for the cruise. Looked into all the bank account stuff I’ll have to deal with while away. Ordered some cool business cards to hand out while I’m travelling. Still looking into how to deal with my phone while I’m away, and starting to sift through hostels for the first few places I’m visiting.

So anyway, that’s where I am. It’s been a very busy week, off to the Indian Embassy tomorrow to deal with the VISA, I’ve picked out a tour I like (check it out!), travel doctor tomorrow, MPP’s office to pickup some Canadian Flags to hand out and then I’m starting to pack and wrap things up here! Almost done! Then I’m off to BC for a few days 🙂

Early morning tomorrow, and I have some coding to do tonight, so.. cya!