Bon Voyage party? Check

Wow, busy week!

The last blog entry had me at T-3 days left of work, today is technically my first “day off” of work (since I’d normally be back on a Sunday), so it’s actually starting to sink in! It was a crazy busy week last week, lots to finish up at the store, and just a wonderful send off by the store team, district team and some really nice messages from some of our national and corporate team members – so before I continue, thanks to everyone at Best Buy for making my last week at the store truly memorable! On our last day Sandra went out and picked up a bunch of cupcakes from this amazing cupcake place in Hamilton, we had pizza, cake, and I think we did some work too. Great way to remember my Best Buy family 😉

It’s a little weird to be “done work”, to be perfectly honest, but I think I’m going to enjoy it :p I’ll be diving into my “other job” with Best Buy with a bit of a new project soon, so I’m not totally off the hook!

Then of course on Saturday my wonderful family threw me a going away party, or “bon voyage” party, inviting a bunch of friends and family – I think we wound up with somewhere around 50 people throughout the day, including a few people I haven’t seen in a while, so it was really wonderful. My Mom, Dad, Sister and sometimes Brother worked very hard to pull it all together, and it was a really successful day – it was so nice to see everyone having a good time!

Today I SLEPT IN (wheeeee) and we all lazed around for the first half of the day, then I took the siblings out and we went shopping! I found my backpack, purchased from Mountain Equipment Co-op, and a few other little things from there as well as a great light jacket from the Nike store. So I’m getting there!

Still to-do… purchase some flights, finish looking into the tour through China and India, complete any VISA requirements and get that sorted out, get the shots for the trip, and this week I’ve got several invites for lunch, dinner, drinks this week – hoping to have time to see everyone!

That’s it for now, have a good night!