Travel update / hi again

Hi again!

I admit, the whole “update while in Halifax” didn’t go so well. It was a great trip, met some terrific people and had a lot of fun training, but there wasn’t a lot of down time. I do have some pictures that I will get up in the next bit, though.

Anyway – I’ve been back for a week(ish), went camping for a day on Tuesday with the family (had a great time!), worked two days this week and went to a theatre tech trade show with AJ yesterday – so today is my first “sleep in and relax” day…and I’ve been using it for just that.

It’s also the first day I’ve had to really sit down and go over travel plans, so I thought I’d give you a bit of an update…

  • Thailand, Dubai, Egypt have been removed from the travel itinerary. After some consideration and review, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk at this time based on what’s going on over there, VISA requirements, or whatever.
  • Still planning on visiting India – thanks to lots of people for some great advice, though their VISA thing is a bit of a pain.
  • Added “Vancouver” to the list officially, will be visiting there for a few days prior to Hawaii, spending a couple of days at Best Buy CHQ.
  • Adding a few other places as “possibles” pending further investigation… Scotland, Pisa (Italy), Scandinavia (Norway), Morocco, Iceland, Greenland, Zambia, Jordan (Isreal) and I keep tossing back and forth the idea of China. Will be reviewing and deciding on all those shortly.
  • Got an update from Shauna in Australia to when I’ll be able to visit with her, so I’ve juggled around the dates of visiting Australia/New Zeland to get everything lined up nicely there.
  • I’ve added a few more “things to do” to the list of what to see and do.
  • Reviewed VISA requirements for all destinations, mostly very minimal.

So that’s where I am so far. According to my cruise countdown I’m 38 days from getting on board the ship, and I’m just firming up the dates for Vancouver/Hawaii now. It’s starting to get close, quick! Last day at Best Buy is Sept 6.

And that’s the update! Most as I continue confirming things and making plans, packing thoughts are starting to form along with the means of transporting all this stuff. I’m going back and forth a lot on if I should get a Macbook Air to allow for lighter travel, so that’ll be a question mark as well.

We shall see. That’s it for now!