Introducing… The Cruise! And other pages

I’m still exploring exactly what type of website to have up here, but I think I might wind up settling on using WordPress for the whole thing. It seems pretty easy to use, very customizable, and it’s got some mobile applications available for it too.

Anyway, I’ve started by setting up The Trip website (see the tab above), and since it’s one of the early ones (and obviously something I’m pretty psyched for), I’ve filled in a lot of details about the cruise! So check it out, let me know what you think… the idea is that on each page I’ll have some way to let you add comments and such if you have any suggestions on what to do somewhere for each location.

I’ll also wind up using these pages to post the pictures from each location, probably link to the blog entries in question, etc, etc. So the idea is in advance, it will be used to plan, while I’m there it will be used to communicate, and once I leave it will be used to remember!

Anyway that’s the plan now – subject to change (lots). I’ll keep working on it as I have time!