I can see! Laser Eye Surgery

Since this is a blog and all, I thought I’d try and get myself used to posting in it…

Last Friday I went to TLC in Mississauga and had the best elective surgery procedure available today – Laser Eye Surgery. Prior to the surgery I had a pretty decent -4.25 prescription… I was in and out of the surgery in an hour and 15 minutes – that’s from check in, to payment, to prep, to surgery, to post op, to “goodbye”!

I’ve already posted on Facebook the details of the surgery (lots of details for those interested) so I won’t bore you with that, but a quick condition update… it’s now been just about a week since the surgery, I have my second check up tomorrow with my normal eye doctor, I’m now able to walk around without the sunglasses (4 days of that) and sleep without the eye shields (4 days of that) and it is amazing 😀

Still having to wash my hair with baby shampoo (so I don’t irritate the eyes with anything), still can’t seriously rub them (though I do find myself occasionally rubbing at night without realizing it, so glad I had the night shields for the first four days), but really… I can see! :p It’s pretty crazy, no irritation at all, just… vision lol.

So that’s my quick update as I work towards getting used to this blog thing again. On a separate note I’m starting to fill the site up with data about the trip, I’ve started on the cruise page, and will keep progressing as I have time.